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Saturday at Ludwigs

On Saturday and Sunday I took Minnow & Ammo the Dachshund to the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show. We’ve been going to this event for the past 3 years now, but this was the first year we were invited to come for 2 days. As the years have passed Minnow & Ammo have become a much larger attraction – drawing some pretty big crowds this year.

minnow the painting pony

ludwigs corner booth

It’s always fun to meet new people and even connect with people who have been fans of Ammo & Minnow over the years.

ammo the dachshund

One of my favorite parts of the day was when a group of little girls spotted Ammo – and realized they knew him from our Youtube Videos. One of the little girls shouted “It’s Ammo, he’s from the videos! He’s so Epic!”. I’m pretty sure it went straight to Ammo’s head as he licked the little girl’s faces.

minnow the painting pony

Minnow painted 3 new paintings on Saturday: Chincoteague Blooms, Surf’s Up, and Raspberry Blush – all of which are available in the SHOP.

raspberry blush

"Raspberry Blush" by Chincoteague Minnow

surfs up

"Surf's Up" by Chincoteague Minnow

chincoteague blooms
“Chincoteague Blooms” by Chincoteague Minnow


minnow the painting pony

Overall it was a really fun day and we were excited to come back on Sunday for round 2!

minnow the painting pony

Tomorrow we’ll have some more pictures from our adventuresome weekend, and you can check out Ammo’s recap of the day on his Blog. And don’t forget to check out the SHOP to see all of Minnow’s wonderful new paintings.

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All Business

chincoteague minnow in his business suit

Minnow has been all business lately as we continue practicing everyday for our upcoming performances during Pony Penning week in Chincoteague.

minnow in his business suit

It should be noted that I didn’t play with dolls growing up, instead I had guinea pigs, which I liked to dress up in doll clothes. That should help explain a lot. 🙂

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Jackpot Obstacle Course

On Sunday we had a mounted games event at the farm. During these events we also like to add on a fun jackpot obstacle course for everyone. It’s great experience for the ponies & riders, and it’s fun to challenge yourself to try something new. Each time we have them the course gets bigger and better, and the riders that participate begin to grow. We’re hoping that this will turn into a popular event – as it really is a blast!

Here’s a quick video of Boomerang and I doing a run-through of the course before the show. We ended up making a few modifications, like taking out the “gate” which inevitably ended up being too much of a challenge. 🙂

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New June Paintings

It took me a while to get these up in the shop, but here are two new paintings that are available on the Painting Pony Etsy Shop. Check them out, and don’t forget you only have a few weeks to snag your favorite before all the paintings head to Chincoteague for the annual Pony Penning. Most of them probably won’t be returning! So don’t hesitate if you have a favorite.

"Movie Star" by Minnow, Blitz & Boomer

"Don't Play with your Food" by Blitz

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