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Painting Pony is home to three very talented Chincoteague Ponies, and their Dachshund sidekick, that love to paint. The ponies' paintings have made headlines and are displayed in homes all over the World. Each pony has their own unique painting style and creating original masterpieces is all in a days work. The ponies love what they do, but most importantly they love to bring happiness with each one of their original works. Painting Pony donates a percentage of sales to local non-profits and charities such as the Main Line Animal Rescue, SPCA, LAPS, The Feather Fund, Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines, The Chincoteague Pony Rescue and The Chincoteague Pony Drill Team.

Painting Pony started in January of 2007, when owner and trainer, Kyley DiLuigi, decided to bring her paints from art school out to the farm where she kept her 14 year old Chincoteague Pony, Minnow. That cold winter day Minnow became the World's First Painting Chincoteague Pony as he created his very first masterpiece. As it became evident that Minnow had a gift that he truly enjoyed, the paintings he created slowly began to pile higher and higher. Feeling the need to share Minnow's art with the World, Kyley started PaintingPony.com. Through the sale of the ponies' art we are proud to support local rescues and non-profits. Over the years Painting Pony has gone on to perform at schools, fairs, expos, and more.

To learn the full story on each one of the Painting Ponies be sure to visit their individual pages.

Custom Paintings

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Looking to have something custom painted for you by one of the ponies? You choose the colors and the ponies will do the rest! Order a custom painting by emailing us. Or choose to shop for pre-painted works of art in our shop.

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New Paintings!

Minnow, Blitz, and Boomer have several new paintings available for purchase in our shop.

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