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How to keep a muzzle on your horse

With the summer grass as lush as it is the ponies are always at risk for lamanitis. I always try to monitor their grass intake, keeping them off of it during the day and muzzling them at night, as well as regular exercise for those who can be – because we all know that given the chance the ponies will eat and eat and then eat some more!

Well this year keeping them muzzled has been a challenge with both Minnow and Boomerang figuring out how to slip their muzzles when no one was looking. They gave us a few scares, which left me trying to search for a way to make sure they stayed put indefinitely!

How to Keep a Muzzle on Your Horse // Painting Pony

So after a little trial and error (we tried halters overtop, flymasks ontop, tightening them to name a few) I think we finally found something that works – and after 3 days, so far so good! So I figured I’d share our solution for anyone else out there having trouble keeping their pony’s muzzle on. Here’s what the boys looked like in their muzzles before:

How to Keep a Muzzle on Your Horse // Painting Pony

How to Keep a Muzzle on Your Horse // Painting Pony

Supplies needed for Painting Pony anti-muzzle slipping:

How to:

All you need to do is add a browband to your existing muzzle set-up and slip the thin belt through it so that it buckles at the throat. Make sure to buckle it tight enough so that your pony can’t get caught on anything and it prevents the muzzle from slipping. It’s always best to use a leather belt so that it’s breakable if need be. And to fully make sure you muzzle won’t slip off, try pulling it off your pony’s head yourself. If it seems too loose, perhaps tightening it up all over may help.

The Result:

How to Keep a Muzzle on Your Horse // Painting Pony

How to Keep a Muzzle on Your Horse // Painting Pony

I hate to have to muzzle them, and I know they hate it too, but making sure they never over eat so that they live a long and healthy life is very worth it!

Anyone else have any DIY solutions for keeping muzzles on your horses?

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Fuzzy Ponies & Slow Feeder Bags

I know I’ve kinda been missing for a while. Sorry! Things have gotten insanely busy at my shop for Christmas, much more than I anticipated. Meanwhile the ponies were busy selling paintings for Christmas all over the World! It makes me smile to think of all the people out there that will be unwrapping a fun little surprise from one of the boys on Christmas morning.

And speaking of the ponies, the boys have been busy growing hefty winter coats (hopefully not in anticipation for as much snow as we had last year), and cursing me for buying them slow feeder bags to keep their rolly polly tummies under control! hehe. It’s because I love you boys, please don’t hate me. 🙂

The slow feeder bags are designed to make the ponies eat their hay ration at a slower pace. It helps makes their 2-Flake allowance of hay last much longer – thus keeping them from thinking they are STARVING to death when their hay runs out….which trust me, they are not!

Hopefully the Holiday craziness will settle down soon and I’ll be able to get back to enjoying some time with my boys! I know they are anxiously waiting to find out what tricks they will be learning in 2011!! Woohoo!


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