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Live Performance! Super Dog vs. Super Pony

Do you remember when Minnow and Ammo made their first Elementary School Visit back in May? Well, the day has finally come – their live performance video is complete! My brother Taylor (the filmmaker) shot and edited this whole video – and it turned out really cool!

We can’t wait to make more school visits in the future – making kids laugh is so much fun!

If you are having trouble viewing the version above, try the one below (without the super cool super hero music):

Tomorrow we’ll resume with out pony penning recap! Yeah!

Check out Depthink Productions and Envision Event Media for all of your movie making needs!

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June Events & Sitting Ponies

Well June is officially here – and thus begins our countdown to pony penning! The pressure is on for me to think up a new skit for Minnow to perform while we are down there. I have a few random ideas floating around my head – but suggestions are definitely welcome!

I do need to come up with a plan though, so I have an idea of what new tricks I need to teach Minnow this year. In the hopes that working on some new tricks might spark an idea for me I started training both Minnow and Boomerang to sit.

We’re at the beginning stages right now, (although Boomer has had some previous lessons on it last year with me – I just got a bit distracted before finishing it) but I’m sure they will both get it soon. I’ve been training them together – something I only sometimes do – but working them at the same time is really helping them to learn faster. Boomerang I think might catch on a bit quicker than Minnow, as he’s less concerned about touching his butt to a rustling bean bag chair. Minnow would much rather prefer to pick them up and throw them. haha.

I’ve also been having Minnow watch me cue Boomerang to lay down – and I’m just waiting for the opportunity when Minnow offers this trick to me so I can reward him. Any day now….I can just tell!

Amongst the pony training, Ammo has also been getting ready for his big performance at the Keystone Dachshund Races next weekend.

I swear he’s really excited! 🙂

Ammo will be performing around lunchtime with his pal Super Trooper (my mom’s Australian Shepherd/Labrador). This will be Trooper’s debut performance and he’s been working really hard! Let’s just say I’m off in search of a doggie sized tutu today – it’s going to be epic.

So if you are in the Lewisberry PA area next Sunday June 12th around from 12pm – 6pm – be sure to shop by to watch Ammo race for charity & perform with Trooper. We’ll also have a booth set up where ammo will be selling some of his artwork- with perhaps a few pieces from the ponies as well. It’s definitely a fun day with the profits benefiting the Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue. We hope to see you there!

P.S. Ammo says that anyone who sports a “Go Ammo” t-shirt on Race day to support him will get an extra slobbery kiss!

Blitz and Minnow grazing at home at Iron Horse Farm

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Trick Pony Update (part 1)

Ok I know I’ve been slacking a little on the updates to the blog, but in my defense….it’s so nice outside! We’ve been having such amazing weather lately that I’ve been spending lots more time out the farm with the boys.

So since I’m a little behind on keeping everyone a prized of what we’ve been doing – today’s post is just going to be a MASSIVE update on some of the things that have been happening around here. It’s a TRICK PONY UPDATE post! yeah!

On May 3rd I set up a little table at the West Bradford Elementary School Art Day. Many artists set up tables around the school to talk to the students about their personal artwork and what it was they do. As you may have guessed – my booth contained the only “animal artists”. The boys were a big hit and the school was a buzz with talk of the Painting Ponies. I loved seeing the kid’s faces when they watched the video of the boys painting. Their jaws would drop in disbelief and immediately the outpouring of questions would start.

We had little trading cards to hand out to all the kids, each containing a different photo of the ponies and Ammo the dachshund. It ended up being a really fun (but exhausting) day. There was talk of maybe having Minnow & Ammo come next year – which I think would be really fun!

Meanwhile I was spending a lot of time out at the farm getting Minnow and Ammo ready for their big school visit. I grabbed this shot of Minnow during one of our practice sessions. Aren’t the clouds in the background so cool?

I don’t know what it is about dressing the boys up in costume – but it just makes me bust out laughing. I think they know it’s funny, because they all start to pose.

Seriously, that boy knows he’s a Super Pony.

At the same time we we’re practicing a lot, I had family visiting from Oregon. They got to see Minnow & Ammo perform first hand – and I’m pretty sure they all think I need to run away and join the circus. (don’t worry, I’m not planning on it)

We also made a little upgrade to our pedestal from our Sponsor, Toys for Horses – now everyone will know who we are!

Boomerang of course couldn’t wait to try it out. I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s super cool.

And just for fun, here’s a little behind the scenes look at what else I’ve been up to…..

Planting my garden! Yeah! Don’t tell the ponies’ but as long as I don’t kill them first, there might be a few tasty carrots in the bunch for them!

So I hope you enjoyed out little update, I’ll be back soon with a Part 2 – because Minnow’s been busy learning some new tricks! Yeah!

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Traveling Super Pony

Minnow, Ammo and I are on the road and headed to Doswell, Virginia for the Equine Extravaganza to compete in a talent contest. Nervous, excited – it’s a mixed bag of emotions. This is the first time we’ll be competing with our tricks. 6 years ago I taught Minnow his very first trick, and never did I imagine that someday we would be performing in front of thousands. Now our performances have become something that myself (and the pony & dog) look forward to. We enjoy the smiling faces, and love to receive letters in the mail about how the boys have touched peoples lives.

In the hopes that we can brighten your day a little bit too, here’s a video of the boys practicing for our performance. It’s still a work in progress here – and we will be sure to have a full recap of the weekend’s events when we return, but we hope it will make you laugh.


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Night watchman

The farm’s a little safer at night with Super Pony Minnow on duty.

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