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Minnow’s Latest Trick

We are getting close to pony penning time! Which means it’s time for Minnow to start working on new tricks! Admittedly I tend to get so busy with other things I always seem to wait until July to start training Minnow new tricks for pony penning. Lucky for me he’s super smart and it doesn’t take him too long to master a new trick.

We’ve come up with a new act, that we’ll hopefully be able to debut at pony penning this year at the Chincoteague Pony Centre, so we’ve started working on some of the new tricks Minnow will need to know.

We’re going to keep our new performance under wraps for now, but we do have a new trick to show you.

Here’s a quick video of Minnow learning how to hold a rope and drag it to me. It may look like a pretty simple trick, but your horse also has to be very comfortable with ropes in and around their legs – you’d be surprised how scary that can be for some horse.

Hopefully you will be able to catch up with us at Pony Penning this year, so you can see all of Minnow’s new tricks in action!


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I’m constantly learning something new. There will ALWAYS be something I don’t know, so why not try to learn EVERYTHING I can? It’s sort of a sickness I have, I want to try everything.

So while competing in the Extreme Cowboy Race was something totally new and different for me, I couldn’t leave it at just that. While at the expo I jumped at the chance to learn how to throw a lariat. After all, I could have been asked to rope a “cow” during the competition for all I knew.

I was sort of relieved we didn’t have to rope something, because I think I could use a little more practice.

I’ve added a Lariat to my Birthday wish list (which is tomorrow!) because it was so much fun I can’t wait to give it a try while riding a horse!

After trying my hand at tossing the lariat I made sure Boomerang was ready for roping too. During one of our schooling sessions in the indoor I practiced throwing a lead rope around his head, ears, and sides. Just to make sure that should I NEED to throw the rope in the race, he would be fully comfortable with it. You can never be too prepared!

Anyone else out there know how to throw a rope? Any secret pointers so I can look super cool throwing my lariat off an english saddle?

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