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Herding Cows on Horseback

Last month we took Blitz and Boomerang on a long trailride in one of the nearby nature preserves. Little did we know it would end up being one of our favorite adventures ever when we happened upon some loose cattle.

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

The further down the trail we got, the more cattle we started to see. We figured they had gotten out of someone’s pasture, but we weren’t sure where they belonged. We were DYING to herd them somewhere (just like real cowgirls) but it just didn’t seem like it was meant to be.

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

As we made our way towards home we couldn’t help ourselves with herding a few into a small cluster.

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

While we were taking the obligatory “cow selfie” the farmer who owned said cattle popped up over the hill in his truck to see our little cluster of cattle. Seeing that we were DYING to take our littler herd somewhere the farmer asked us if we minded helping him drive them back to their pasture. Um yes please! He didn’t have to ask us twice!

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

Check out the video: Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

Blitz and Boomerang chased stray cattle, moved them through a water crossing, and got them all safely back in their pasture.

Herding Cows the Cowgirl Way with Painting Pony

When you live on the east coast (at least near us) herding cattle like this is not something you get to do everyday, especially in a real “farm” setting! It was a dream come true for us.

The farmers were very thankful for our helpful ponies, and we had the best trailride ever! If anyone else wants to “accidentally” let their cattle escape, you can totally call on the Painting Ponies to help you round them up!

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2011 Pony Penning Recap: July 26

We were up bright and early on Tuesday morning – and headed over the the Pony Centre, where we were greeted by Minnow’s happy little face.

Eventually we headed over to Assateague, where we got to see the North and South herds in their pens – before they were set to make the swim to Chincoteague the following day. We lucked out and happened to be visiting the pens just as the Saltwater Cowboys were tagging the buy back foals. A Buy Back foal is one the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company designates to be returned to the island for the rest of it’s life. You can purchase one of these foals at the auction – but ultimately it is a charitable contribution, as all you really get to do is name your foal before it is sent back to the island. Usually buy backs go for the greatest amount of money at the auction.

buy back foal 2011

You can see all of my photos from our trip to the pens here. After watching all the hoopla at the pens, we decided to relax on the beach for a while. Then it was back to the Pony Centre so Minnow could perform in the Pony Show.

"American Dream" by Minnow - pony penning 2011

Minnow’s first painting of the afternoon was a patriotic tribute – purchased by a group of Pony Penning goers who return to the island every year – and are wonderful supporters of Minnow! I believe this might be the 3rd painting by Minnow that they own. We love getting to see old friends every year – as well as making new friends.

Here’s a shot of Minnow just before he went on to perform his new skit we designed just for pony penning. Making his costume was one of the hardest parts!

Teaguer (the mascot of the Pony Centre) loves it when Minnow comes to visit, because as resident trick pony at the centre, he gets the week off!

"Cheeseburger in Paradise" by Minnow - pony penning 2011

Minnow’s last painting of the evening was one of my favorites from the entire week. One of the girls from the Pony Centre loved it just as much as I did, because during the show she begged her dad to run down to the show so that he could bid on it for her. She lucked out as he placed the winning bid on this beautiful painting – I think Minnow just might have to paint something here at home in similar colors – because I LOVED it!

After the evening show we headed over to the Fireman’s Carnival, I just had to have one of their sodas. I swear it’s the best soda’s I have ever had! Maybe it’s the shaved ice to keep it cool, maybe it’s the collectable plastic cup, or maybe it’s just the atmosphere I get to drink it in – whatever it is I can’t get enough of the stuff! Seriously, if you ever get to come to Chincoteague – try the pepsi!

We watched the Bingo players for a while before heading back to the hotel – next year I definitely have to play! 25 cents per card and winners get cash!

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