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Pony Penning 2013: Painting Pony Performs in Chincoteague

Each year our ponies are invited to perform during Pony Penning week at the Chincoteague Pony Centre. This great honor is the main purpose of our trip each year – and something we look forward to.

This year we decided to bring two ponies, the ever talented Chincoteague Minnow and his buddy Chesapeake Boomerang. This was Boomer’s first trip to Pony Penning and his first time ever performing tricks in front of a crowd.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Boomer settled in quite easily, and Minnow enjoyed having a buddy to boss around with him. Minnow quickly took on the roll of head “stallion” and kept a close eye on his younger pal Boomerang.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

One of the first ponies they met on the trip was Boomer’s little half sister Juniper, who had been born on the last day of June. Boomer was particularly fascinated by her, and took every chance he had to get close to her.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Juniper reminded me a lot of Boomer, fearless and brave – not much fazed her, even as she plodded around the arena in the nightly shows at the Pony Centre.

When it came time for our boy’s performances in the Pony Shows at the Centre Minnow performed like the pro he is.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Minnow opened each show by painting a special work of art that would later be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Minnow always does his best work while on the island, and he created 8 wonderful paintings that all went off to happy new homes.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Later in the show Minnow came back out for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to him as we celebrated his 20th Birthday. He loved being the center of attention.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Now Boomer had spent the weeks leading up to Pony Penning learning a trick skit that he would perform during the shows. Having never even performed in public before let alone learn an entire performance, this was a completely new experience for Boomer. And honestly I wasn’t sure how he would react.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Boomer’s skit was based on the idea that he was headed off to Trick Pony School, and as his teacher I had lessons that he had to learn. Here you see me holding up a photo of Misty shaking hands with Marguerite Henry, and then asking him to mimic the photo by shaking my hand.

The first time Boomer entered the arena things seemed to be going well, and then the crowd let out a cheer and applause and he about jumped out of his skin – bolting to the gate. I was able to get him to return to his pedestal to perform each trick, but every time the crowd clapped he would again bolt to the gate.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Amazingly Boomer performed every single trick I asked him to – including his spectacular sit on the beanbag trick, he was just clearly frightened of the clapping. But about the 3rd performance in he started to get over it and by the end of the week he could of cared less that people were cheering and clapping for him.

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Boomer got so into his performances that he knew the order of tricks that were coming before I could even ask him to perform them. I would have to rush to get his beanbags set up for him before he decided just to sit on the ground!

I was so pleased with how he did, and I think everyone loved his big personality. He did a wonderful job showing just how smart and talented these Chincoteague Ponies are, and I’m sure this is just the first of many performances for Boomer.

On our last day on the island Boomer got to compete in the Pony Show’s Extreme Pony Race – I think he was a bit surprised to enter the arena this time with a jump in front of him, but he did well – and only threw in a few small bucks! I was relieved he didn’t decide to show the crowd his bronco bucking skills!

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

Pony Penning 2013 // Chincoteague Pony // Painting Pony

By the end of the week I was so proud of both of my boys. Thinking back on how far both of them have come, and how talented and amazing they are makes me proud. I love being able to share these amazing ponies with people and I hope everyone that gets to meet them think they are just as special as I do.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to share all about of experience at the epic Chincoteague Pony Swim, and you can read all about the Beach Walk in yesterday’s post.

You can check out all the photos from the beach walk, pony swim and auction HERE. They are also available for purchase!

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2012 Judged Trail Competition at BCHP

Last weekend we took Blitz and Boomer to the Bucks County Horse Park to compete in a Judged Trail Competition. You get to ride through the park stopping at obstacles along the way where they judge you on your performance.

We attended the event last year as well, which you can check out Boomer & Jet competing here.

We had a blast on the trail, this year I thought the course was a bit easier than last years though, but it was still a fun time and great experience for the ponies. We filmed some of the obstacles – but missed a few along the way, mostly because we forgot!

Hope you enjoyed watching the boys compete – we’re already looking forward to next year’s event!

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Sponsor Welcome: Saddle Up

saddle upWe’re very excited to welcome our new sponsor, Saddle Up! You might remember that we were first introduced to Saddle Up when my mom and I purchased treeless saddles from them over the summer.

The owner of Saddle Up, Paulita Neff, was amazing to work with. She answered my MANY e-mails with questions about the saddles and what would work best for Boomerang and I. In the end I came away with the Freeform Classic BTF Treeless Saddle, which fits Boomerang amazingly well.

Having been someone who really didn’t know anything about treeless saddles before this experience I am now convinced this is the only type of saddle that I will ever own again. Not only can I use it on any horse I have from here on out, but I have never had a more comfortable ride. They aren’t just for endurance riders either! I’ve been using mine in mounted games, cross country, versatility competitions, and even jumping in it.

treeless saddle

We are thrilled to have Saddle Up as one of our sponsors, and we hope you’ll check out their website and facebook page to learn more about treeless saddles.

boomerang in treeless saddle

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2012 Trick Pony Goals

Happy New Year Everyone!

happy new year from minnow

Last year we made a list of goals for 2011, so it’s come that time where we look back and see how close we came to accomplishing all of them. We’ve also whipped up a whole new set of goals for 2012.

2011 Goals:

1. Take some western riding lessons with Boomerang. It seems writing out my 2011 goals really started a fire under me, because in January of 2011 I took Boomerang to his very first western lesson with a local trainer.

boomer extreme cowboy race

2. Push myself past my comfort zone and compete in something I’ve never done before. In February of 2011 I took Boomerang to the Horse World Expo to compete in Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race. This was one of the most nerve racking/intense things I have ever done on horseback. I was never so nervous in my life, but I’m so glad that Boomer and I pushed past the scary stuff and tried something new. It has made us both so much stronger, and we even made it to the finals – placing 6th! Boomer and I also tried a whole bunch of new things this past year, like riding on the beach, trail challenges, mounted shooting, and even some cowboy events.

boomer extreme cowboy race

3. Teach Minnow to sit or lay down. Well, this is one of those things that I didn’t quite accomplish. I started to teach Minnow how to lean onto his bean bag chair this year, but eventually the summer craziness happened and things got pushed to the back burner. However, I did begin to capture Boomerang’s “sit” when he begins to get up from the laydown. Hopefully this year we will be able to perfect the cue even more!

boomer sit

4. Fine tune Boomerang’s cues for bow and lay down. Recently I just started perfecting Boomer’s cue for bow, and he’s finally started to go down to the ground without my help. He probably would have mastered this a lot sooner had I found the time to work with him, but better late than never!

5. Train some more tricks using the pedestal. This year I began training Boomerang to stand with all 4 feet on the pedestal. Admittedly I haven’t been good about documenting his progress, mostly because we’ve been training in the dark! But hopefully soon I’ll be able to get his progress on video to share.

minnow on pedestal

6. Teach Minnow a brand-new trick skit for Pony Penning 2011. This past year Minnow performed his new “Super Pony Picnic” skit during Pony Penning. I thought it was one of his best skits to date. We’re hoping soon to put all of Minnow’s skits on DVD, just as soon as my filmmaker brother has some more availability! Perhaps this coming Summer.

7. Teach Ammo the Dachshund a skit he can perform alone. Ammo performed his new skit with his pal, Trooper at the 2011 Keystone Dachshund Races. Super Ammo vs. Super Trooper was a big hit, and I still laugh when I see Ammo in his cute little super helmet and cape.

ammo keystone dachshund races

8. Take Blitz on an outing (Dressage, Paperchase, Mounted Games, Tricks, etc). My mom really stepped up Blitz’s training this year and took him on a bunch of new adventures, like mounted shooting cowboy events and riding on the beach. We’re both looking forward to trying even more with the boys in 2012!

9. Paint with the boys more often. To date the boys have painted over 180 paintings, and this year Minnow painted even more during outings like the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show and The Dog Days of Summer event. Hopefully the boys will get to spend lots more enjoyable time painting in 2012.


10. Read a training book (or video) and teach one skill from it. Ok, so I sorta failed on my reading list goal – but it was much more tempting to spend time with the boys on the farm just having fun.

11. Teach Boomerang flying lead changes, rollbacks, and a better sidepass. Boomerang mastered all three of these skills in a matter of 6 weeks as we were training for the Extreme Cowboy Race. He’s such an amazing pony, and so smart!

boomer extreme cowboy race

12. Read Misty of Chincoteague…again! Right before I took Minnow to visit the Renaissance School Academy I re-read Misty of Chincoteague, always the classic!


2012 Goals:

1. Teach the ponies how to Spanish Walk.

2. Begin taking steps towards writing a book. (Something that has been on my mind for a while now).

3. Introduce Boomerang to cows.

4. Take one picture a month for the ponies’ 2013 Calendar!

5. Teach Minnow a fun new “party” trick he can use at expos and fairs.

6. Take the ponies swimming at Marsh Creek more often.

7. Ride on the beach again.

8. Become more regular at posting on the blog and to our facebook page.

9. Teach the ponies how to pull/drive.

10. Build a new obstacle for the ponies to play with out on the trail.


So what about you? Any new goals to strive for this year? Anyone know where I can introduce Boomerang to cattle in the Chester County, PA area?

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Painting Pony to attend PA Horse World Expo

minnow the painting pony

We’ve had this in the works for a while now, but we’re excited to officially announce that we will be attending the PA Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, PA  from Thursday, February 23 through Sunday, February 26, 2012.

boomer extreme cowboy race

Last year Boomerang and I attended the expo to compete in the Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race, in which we finished 6th in the finals! This year we aren’t competing in the Cowboy Race though, instead we will be in the main hall at booth # 607 & 608! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, Minnow will be there too, corralled at our booth and on hand to meet his fans and paint!

minnow the painting pony

minnow the painting pony

We will be bringing many of the ponies original works of art with us as well as Minnow’s special little sidekick Ammo the Dachshund. We’re excited to meet so many new friends and be at the spectacular Horse World Expo. As we approach the event we will have more details for you, but you can also check out expo times and other information HERE. We hope to see you in 2012!

ammo the dachshund

We are currently accepting Sponsors for the PA Horse World Expo. If you are interested in purchasing a banner spot for the duration of the expo please contact us. We will also have deals for advertising on our website too.

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