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New in the Shop! April Paintings by Minnow

Well it took me long enough, but I’m finally here to share some of the new paintings Minnow created at the end of April.

It was a pretty spring day when we broke out the easel and brushes, and Minnow was thrilled to pick up the paints again. It was a long hard winter, and it’s been far too long since we’ve painted! So here are some of Minnow’s newest works…

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

“Breeze” is one of Minnow’s newest works and I love the how calming the purples are in this one.

You can check out Breeze in our shop.

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

“Whispering Forrest” reminds me of the scurrying animals that begin to come alive in the forrest this time of year.

You can check out this Whispering Forrest in the shop.

Minnow also created a few special order paintings for a few people. Here’s a fun little video of Minnow working his magic…


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New in the Shop! Misty of Chincoteague Night Lights

Misty of Chincoteague Night Light // Painting Pony

Recently added to our online shop we now have Misty of Chincoteague Night Lights!

Many horse loving children grow up reading the classic book, Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry. This vintage read sparked a love of horses for many, myself included! Our Misty of Chincoteague Breyer Night Light is the perfect gift for any horse lover, no matter what age!
Misty of Chincoteague Night Light // Painting Pony
Each light is made out of a once-loved Misty Breyer Model. While each model has been loved a little differently, they may include scuffs and scratches but I’ve given them a new life by turning them into a battery operated Night Light!
Misty of Chincoteague Night Light // Painting Pony
Misty of Chincoteague Night Light // Painting Pony
Looking for a specific breyer model night light? We can make custom ones! Send us your model or have us find one for you! Contact us at for details.

Shop online for our Misty Night Lights.

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Announcing the Super Pony! DVD Release

The day has finally come! It’s time to announce the official release of the brand-new Super Pony DVD, staring the talented Minnow from Painting Pony and his sidekick, Ammo the Dachshund!

Super Pony DVD! Now available at Painting Pony

Thanks to my talented brother and Depthink Productions, we began filming for the DVD this past summer, and I’m so excited that it’s finally ready to share with everyone! I think everyone will really enjoy getting to learn more about all the ponies and watch several of Minnow & Ammo’s favorite “super” performances.

Check out the DVD Trailer:


Trainer, Kyley DiLuigi, introduces us to Super Pony, the alter ego of the talented Chincoteague Pony, Minnow! Watch as he shows us some of his favorite trick performances, many of which have been performed at expos, fairs, schools, and even the Annual Chincoteague Pony Penning. Several performances also include Minnow’s lovable sidekick, Ammo the Dachshund, as well as other members of the Painting Pony crew. In addition to 5 featured videos, this DVD also contains 2 bonus videos: a visit to Iron Horse Farm, home to the Painting Ponies; and a talk given by Kyley about everyone’s favorite Chincoteague Pony, Misty of Chincoteague.

Super Pony DVD! Now available at Painting Pony


In 2007, Painting Pony was founded when Kyley DiLuigi decided to bring her paints from art school out to the farm where she kept her 14-year-old pony, Minnow. That cold winter day Minnow became the World’s First Painting Chincoteague Pony as he created his very first masterpiece. As it became evident that Minnow had a gift that he truly loved, the paintings he created began to pile higher and higher. Feeling the need to share Minnow’s art with the world, Kyley started and the rest is history!

Super Pony DVD! Now available at Painting Pony

The Super Pony DVD is approx. 20 minutes and is available for purchase at $12 in our shop.

There is still plenty of time to order your copy for Holiday Gifts!

As a special gift to all our followers, enter code FREESHIP at checkout to receive free shipping on your entire order! (domestic orders only).

You can grab your own copy HERE, and we also have great gift sets available that include this DVD HERE.

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Minnow’s Expo Masterpieces & Sale

While we were at the PA Horse World Expo last week, Minnow created some wonderful one-of-a-kind paintings. Many of them went home with happy new owners, and we have a few still left that are now available in the shop. Each one is unique and different, but they all make me smile. Below is a selection of the paintings that are still available:

fairy tale by chincoteague minnow

Fairy Tale” by Chincoteague Minnow

ocean bliss by chincoteague minnow

Ocean Bliss” by Chincoteague Minnow

heart of the island by chincoteague minnow

Heart of the Island” by Chincoteague Minnow

calm breeze by chincoteague minnow

Calm Breeze” by Chincoteague Minnow

misty sea by chincoteague minnow

Misty Sea” by Chincoteague Minnow

red mountain by chincoteague minnow

Red Mountain” by Chincoteague Minnow

dusted rose by chincoteague minnow

Dusted Rose” by Chincoteague Minnow

Several of Minnow’s later works sold, as well as a few that he created during the expo. Below are the paintings he created at the expo that are now happily hanging in new homes:

minnows masterpiece

“Minnow’s Masterpiece” by Chincoteague Minnow – SOLD

minnows purple paradise

“Minnow’s Purple Paradise” by Chincoteague Minnow – SOLD


“Expo” by Chincoteague Minnow – SOLD


“Waves” by Chincoteague Minnow – SOLD

On the last day of the expo we put most of our canvas paintings on sale. And since I know not everyone could be there in person for the sale – Minnow decided that he’d like to extend the sale to his Online Shop as well. So from now until March 31, 2012, enter code EXPO2012 at checkout and get 30% OFF your order!

And thank you to everyone who supported us at the Expo, we hope you are enjoying your paintings!

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New in the Shop! Clicker Training Sets

I implement many different training methods while working with Minnow, Blitz, Boomer and even Ammo the Dachshund, but I predominantly prefer to use Clicker Training.

clicker training your horse with painting pony

Clicker training is the process of training an animal using a clicker as a marker for behavior that will earn positive reinforcement (most often a food reward). Typically the clicker is a small mechanical noisemaker, but some trainers prefer to substitute a tongue click or other marker signal.

One of the challenges in training an animal is communicating exactly when the animal has done the behavior that the handler is attempting to reinforce. The clicker allows for precise timing and clear communication about what specific behavior is being reinforced, and enables the trainer to teach complex and difficult skills to the animal without the use of force or punishment.

All of the ponies of Painting Pony (including Ammo the Dachshund) have been trained using clicker training. It is not limited to trick training, but can be used to teach everyday tasks such as picking up feet, leading, and standing for the farrier. It can even be used during riding.

In an effort to share this great tool we have created a Clicker Training Set

painting pony clicker training set
This set includes one translucent clicker in red, blue, green, or purple (colors may be specified, but ultimately it’s a fun surprise) with a tab to hang on a wrist coil or lanyard. Comes attached to a postcard that explains what clicker training is, how to teach your horse to use the clicker with targeting, and where to go to find out more information.

painting pony clicker training set
Great as a gift – can even be paired with our Painting Pony Gift Set!

You can purchase our Clicker Training Set HERE.

painting pony clicker training set

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