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Hero Juice

Rumor has it, Minnow has been drinking a whole lot of this lately:

hero juice

Which would explain why he’s been constantly seeking telephone booths we’re down in Chincoteague performing for the 2011 Pony Penning!

super minnow

We LOVE Minnow, but SUPER MINNOW is quite the showman.

super minnow

He’s also quite the comedian…..

super minnow

Oh Minnow, what would we ever do without you?


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It’s a Super Life

Super Minnow has been performing his super duties around the farm lately. And as you can see, he plays the part VERY well! He’s been working on a super special new performance for pony penning this year, so you’ll just have to come visit us down in Chincoteague at the Chincoteague Pony Centre to see what it is!

super pony minnow

super minnow eats sandwhich

super minnow

blitz and boomer

super minnow rearing

super minnow rearing

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We’ve all taken to calling little Ammo the Dachshund “Champion” this week. Because last Sunday we took him to the annual Keystone Dachshund Races. We didn’t have high hopes for him in the racing department – because the last two years he was sort of a racing dud. Not that he didn’t try, but he was just way too excited about being able to play with a bunch of puppies his size!

But this year Ammo decided to kick it into warp speed – as he flew past his competition in the heavy weigh division. Ammo weighs a hefty 20lbs – but he’s far from over weight – in fact he’s got some mean muscles and he’s in great shape. But most of the dachshund that attend the races are considered mini’s weighing 15lbs and under. And at 20lbs Ammo doesn’t qualify to be a standard dachshund (weighing more 25-30lb) so he’s what is called a “tweenie”.

Ammo finished first in 3 out of his 5 preliminary heats, earning him 3 spots in the semi-finals. And in an almost-to-close-to-call finish Ammo narrowly won his last chance race in the semi-finals. This earned him a spot in the Final race. Ammo went head-to-heat with lean mean mini-dachshund Dudley! It was a close race, but Dudley snuck across the finish line a nose ahead of Ammo.

We were super proud of our little Reserve Champ! Perhaps next year he’ll bring home the gold!

Racing wasn’t the only reason we were at the Keystone Dachshund Races, Ammo had also been invited back again to perform during the lunch break.

This year his best friend Trooper (my mom’s dog) performed with him. This was Trooper’s first performance ever – and there were a little kinks – but we all had lots of fun!

We look forward to visiting again next year!

Read all about Ammo’s big race and performance on his blog.

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Night watchman

The farm’s a little safer at night with Super Pony Minnow on duty.

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