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New in the Shop! April Paintings by Minnow

Well it took me long enough, but I’m finally here to share some of the new paintings Minnow created at the end of April.

It was a pretty spring day when we broke out the easel and brushes, and Minnow was thrilled to pick up the paints again. It was a long hard winter, and it’s been far too long since we’ve painted! So here are some of Minnow’s newest works…

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

“Breeze” is one of Minnow’s newest works and I love the how calming the purples are in this one.

You can check out Breeze in our shop.

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

Minnow Painting  // Painting Pony

“Whispering Forrest” reminds me of the scurrying animals that begin to come alive in the forrest this time of year.

You can check out this Whispering Forrest in the shop.

Minnow also created a few special order paintings for a few people. Here’s a fun little video of Minnow working his magic…


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New April Paintings in the Shop!

Well it’s taken me way too long to get the paintings Minnow created on April 1st at the Point to Point Races up in the shop. Several of them have sold already, but we do have a few left that are available for purchase.

We tried something new this time with a few of Minnow’s paintings. Instead of having him paint on canvas, he painted on bristol board. We then matted them to fit standard size frames and made them available for a budget friendly price of $45!

Below are three of the paintings we still have available in the shop – click on each image to see them in the Shop!

Minnow also painted a new canvas which we titled “April Fool” on account of him painting it on April Fools Day at the Point to Point races.

Purchase it in the shop HERE.

I think all of his new paintings have the perfect touch of Spring in them. Don’t you?

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Minnow’s Expo Masterpieces & Sale

While we were at the PA Horse World Expo last week, Minnow created some wonderful one-of-a-kind paintings. Many of them went home with happy new owners, and we have a few still left that are now available in the shop. Each one is unique and different, but they all make me smile. Below is a selection of the paintings that are still available:

fairy tale by chincoteague minnow

Fairy Tale” by Chincoteague Minnow

ocean bliss by chincoteague minnow

Ocean Bliss” by Chincoteague Minnow

heart of the island by chincoteague minnow

Heart of the Island” by Chincoteague Minnow

calm breeze by chincoteague minnow

Calm Breeze” by Chincoteague Minnow

misty sea by chincoteague minnow

Misty Sea” by Chincoteague Minnow

red mountain by chincoteague minnow

Red Mountain” by Chincoteague Minnow

dusted rose by chincoteague minnow

Dusted Rose” by Chincoteague Minnow

Several of Minnow’s later works sold, as well as a few that he created during the expo. Below are the paintings he created at the expo that are now happily hanging in new homes:

minnows masterpiece

“Minnow’s Masterpiece” by Chincoteague Minnow – SOLD

minnows purple paradise

“Minnow’s Purple Paradise” by Chincoteague Minnow – SOLD


“Expo” by Chincoteague Minnow – SOLD


“Waves” by Chincoteague Minnow – SOLD

On the last day of the expo we put most of our canvas paintings on sale. And since I know not everyone could be there in person for the sale – Minnow decided that he’d like to extend the sale to his Online Shop as well. So from now until March 31, 2012, enter code EXPO2012 at checkout and get 30% OFF your order!

And thank you to everyone who supported us at the Expo, we hope you are enjoying your paintings!

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Which Color?

One of the number one questions I always get is – do you let the pony pick the colors?

painting pony

Most of the time, no, because lets be honest – we’d have millions of paintings that were apple green and carrot orange. :) In actuality, Minnow has no problem choosing paint colors, but really there is no rhyme or reason to what he chooses – and honestly he’d much rather be wielding the brush anyway. So the task of paint color selection usually falls upon my shoulders.

Chincoteague Channel Swimmers

Choosing paint colors is not an easy task. Sometimes I mull for hours over the right shade of blue to paint a canvas. A lot of times I doubt my color selection all together – which ironically these sometimes turn out the best in the end. Sometimes where we are painting influences my choice of colors.

Dog Paddling over to Chincoteague

When painting on Chincoteague during the summers we gravitate towards bright island colors and ocean hues. When painting at home on the farm in the fall we sometimes have deep reds and rich brown tones.

Assateague Migration

In the beginning of our painting adventure I gravitated a lot towards browns and earthy tones, now I much prefer the bright and vibrant colors. Ultimately color preference is in the eye of the beholder and there really is no right or wrong answer. However, sometimes I just can’t help but feel “stuck” when it comes time to fill the boy’s brushes with paint.

Chincoteague Heatwave

But while browsing through Pinterest the other day (which by the way this is by far my new favorite website – you can follow us here), I came across the mecca of color selection websites, Design Seed.

design seed

With millions of color pallets I’m suddenly inspired to provide the boys with a whole new arsenal of paint colors this year. It’s also a wonderful selection tool if you just can’t decide what colors for your custom pony painting.

design seed

Now if the 20 degree weather would just disappear so we could get back to painting!

painting pony

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Painting in the Winter

painting pony

Typically during the cold winters here in PA we don’t get to paint much. The temperatures drop to record lows making the paint freeze and it nearly impossible for the ponies to put their brushes to canvas. But, sometimes we luck out and get a day that isn’t too unbearable and that’s just what happened yesterday. With temperatures in the mid 40′s on Sunday, Minnow was so ecstatic when he saw me lugging his easel out of storage.

painting pony

We dusted off the brushes and Minnow set to work creating a bunch of mini paintings to bring with us to the Horse World Expo this February.

painting pony

Minnow has no problem letting the creative brush strokes flow in the winter, in fact he’d paint everyday and all day if I let him.

painting pony

No, instead what sets the schedule for our winter painting sessions are my hands. We paint as long as I can bare it before my fingers feel like I might be getting frostbite.

painting pony

In the end I’m happy to let my wonderful little pony wield his magical brush so that I get to see his finest creations.

painting pony

And sometimes the “aftermath” is just as beautiful too.

painting pony

And as if my approval of Minnow’s beautiful work weren’t enough – he always seems to draw his own little fan club when he paints…

painting pony

painting pony

painting pony

You can check out Minnow’s new mini paintings in the shop!

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