Boomerang Training Videos

Today I took Boomerang back to the indoor arena where we had a little trouble settling him last weekend. HUGE improvement! Even the gun shots from the neighboring shooting range didn’t phase him this time.

We were able to get lots of practice in on our roll backs, side passing, backing, flying leads and jumping. Boomerang’s biggest issue is anticipation. Basically he’s too smart for his own good. If he does one amazing side pass, and gets praise from me, he tends to try offering his “amazing side pass” too soon – before I am even able to ask him for it. Sometimes this isn’t a bad problem to have, but other times, maybe I don’t want to side pass. Maybe I just want to stop and stand. This is something we will have to work on, and with Boomerang it’s important that I’m always doing something different to keep his mind engaged. He’s not the type of pony that does well with repetition, he’s just too smart for that. Some horses thrive on repetition. Trotting a cloverleaf pattern over and over might be something that calms them, but Boomerang needs variety. Variety gets him concentrating and always on his toes, never able to anticipate what I might ask him to do next.

I was able to get a few videos of our little session in the indoor today.

As you can see we redeemed ourselves in the jumping portion! haha. Also, in case you can’t tell in the videos – I always ride Boomerang in a bitless bridle.

At the end of our session we practiced a few laydowns in the arena. I always like to practice some of our harder tricks when we go new places, that way I can always count on the ponies performing them when the “pressure” to perform is higher. I was even able to capture Boomer in the sit position once with my clicker. I don’t think it will take to long to get this on cue in the future when we have a little more time to work on it.

The Hunter/Jumpers who were schooling in the arena the same time as me probably thought I was from another planet. With my stocky little Chincoteague Pony that does roll backs and flying leads and then promptly lays down on command. Although one of them did say they wished they had a trick pony too. 🙂

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