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Those Eyes…

Chesapeake Lightning, or Blitz as I call him, has the most enchanting eyes. One look into them and you melt. I fell in love with those eyes just by looking at Blitz’s online ad when he was for sale in 2008. Before I even met him I had fallen in love with him, its hard not to.

And that nose, that soft fuzzy pony nose – its so kissable. Blitz gives the very best pony kisses.

I see his bright eyes and his kissable nose poking out over the fence. No matter how hard I try, or how much I have to do, I can’t resist sneaking over for a kiss. He nuzzles my face and blows sweet warm pony breath onto my neck, he lets me rub his ears and tussle his forelock. I wrap my arms around his face and he closes his eyes – he’d crawl in my lap if he could. I love him.

Photos by Kyley S. DiLuigi. copyright 2010. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission.

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Mini Paintings

I’ve been selling these for a while in our retail shop, but now they are available online! 5″x7″ and 8″x10″ mini Pony Paintings! They come in varying colors and are great for sticking into a standard size frame and hanging on your wall. They make a great gift too! Each are original acrylic paintings on matboard painted by one of the trick ponies. They also include the artist’s signature on the back. Hurry and get them while they’re hot!

5×7 Mini Painting $8.00

8×10 Mini Painting $10.00

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The Paisley Pony Article

The Trick Ponies of Chincoteague and their sidekick, Ammo the Dachshund, were featured in the Winter 2010 Issue of The Paisley Pony. Ammo thinks he’s hot stuff now after I showed him his first published article. He told me he only signs autographs for his fans that bring him dog cookies. I’ve created a monster!

So head on over to The Paisley Pony and check out the Winter 2010 Issue.

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First Ride in Months

I haven’t ridden a horse in 3 months…there I said it. Christmas happened, then the EVEN colder weather set in, and with my mom and sister injured – I have no one to ride with. And honestly, I just didn’t feel like riding. So after 3 months I finally decided to saddle back up – even though there is still snow on the ground.

I thought that with the warm (when I say warm I mean 40 Degrees) would soften the snow enough to ride – I was wrong. So I ended up riding up and down our small private road. I decided to ride Blitz first, because he’s the most laid back….sometimes. He actually hadn’t been ridden since my mom had her accident on him. So when I took him back to the scene of the crime I could tell he had some naughty thoughts in his head. But, he didn’t try anything and I made sure to click and reward him when he did as asked.

I then got Boomerang out of the pasture and attempted to pony him off of Blitz. Boomer can be a bit mouthy and likes to bite the saddle and leadrope – so ponying him was good practice for him to “keep his hands to himself”. I was actually kind of surprised at how well he did – I’m hoping with more practice I can take them out by myself. My mom tagged along on foot to make sure none of the ponies acted up.

When I got back from my short ride I worked with Boomer a little bit on ground manners. Asking him to move away from my hand pressure on his chest and neck. He’s really picked it up quickly and I put it into effect when I asked him to move away from the gate so that I could get Minnow out.

Minnow got to work on his rear after a few weeks off. And I can say he was more then enthusiastic – he really got pretty high! My little rogue pony!~

Hopefully I can keep up with the riding – it just better get warm soon!

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Fun with Ammo

Just thought I’d share some photos of Ammo the Dachshund. He’s been braving the winter cold with me at the barn in his three (yes 3) winter coats. I think he’s longing for summer too. Here’s some cute shots of him from the past week….I just love that little dog.

Ammo’s favorite chair in the dining room. Hoping for scraps from the table.

Ammo checking out winter from the comfort of his leather chair

My Adorable Dachshund Valentine


Enjoying his Valentines Day Present

“I think it broke mom!”

Ammo starts dog training classes with me in March, and I can’t wait! I think it will be a great experience for him and I’m looking forward to transitioning him into other things, perhaps agility or maybe even flyball. He’s so smart I’m sure he could do anything. The tricky part will be channeling that Dachshund stubbornness in him. If you’ve ever owned a Dachshund you know what I’m talking about. Ammo is my very first Dachshund and I never imagined what a difficult breed they could be. He challenges me everyday, sometimes he frustrates me to no end….but for some reason his antics make me love him even more. I think I will forever be a “Dachshund Person” just like I will forever be a “Chincoteague Pony Person”.

I’m hoping to do some updates on Ammo when he begins his training classes (I also plan to use clicker training in them). And if I get myself in gear, I also plan to keep working on Ammo’s painting training so he can join the Trick Ponies in creating masterpieces. I will keep you posted!

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